Creative Direction, Visual Communication, Branding, Consulting, Design Services, Concept & Product Design, Innovation Strategy

Creative Direction, Visual Communication, Branding, Consulting, Design Services, Concept & Product Design, Innovation Strategy


The award winning design studio, based in Italy, operates on a wide range of projects,
combining local resources with international opportunities, while being
by Italian style, the country’s diversity and stimulating complexity.



Traditional Print
Corporate Identity
Spaces and Events


Interactive Media
Online Advertising
Multimedia Projects
Social Media
Web Reputation


Innovative Concepts
Consumer Products
Limited Editions
Digital Fabrications
Service Design


Audience Research
Social Media Setup
Digital Content
Online Campaigns


3D Production
Adv Concepts


Innovation Strategy
Design Research
Design Workshops
Design Management
Brand Collaborations
Art & Creative Direction




Thanks to the contamination of the diverse Design Disciplines, 
studio AMeBE creates custom projects, bringing innovation and novelty through
tailored solutions with a side-by-side methodology with clients.

  • Brainstorming

  • Conceptualization

  • Custom Design

  • Client Revision

  • Delivery


Sketching & Writing
Digital Elaborations


Studio AMeBE offers Interdisciplinary Design services
from the Creative Direction in the Industrial and Visual Design industry
to the development or at service of new Brands and Products.

New Brand IdentityCorporate imageLogos, Trademarks, PayoffPoster, AfficheInvitations, BrochuresIllustrationInfographicsBusiness CardsLetterheads, EnvelopesVisual MerchandisingResponsive WebsitesMobile AppsGraphics for WebNewslettersSocial Media ManagementFacebook ADSInstagram ADSInteractive presentationsComposite image creationPhotomontageMerchandisingPackaging DesignProduct Design3D ModelingCreative DirectionNew Media ConsultingStart-Up productionVisual ArtsOther


  • estra logo design branding black
  • extra virgin oil product design

Italy is the country that holds the largest artistic and cultural heritage in the world.


Studio AMeBE is an Italian independent Interdisciplinary Design Studio, founded in 2008 by Alessandra Mantovani and Eleonora Barbareschi. The studio deals with Design, alternating the realization of more conventional projects, consultancies and education, with the experimentation of new expressions that take form through different mediums.


Soon after the beginning of their collaboration, the product “Finger-Dip”, mono-use food-grade latex finger caps (designed and produced by the AMeBE) baptized their entrance in the design world. The products were entirely sold out and the AMeBE were awarded the Red Dot Product Design Award 2010.


Among some satisfactions, collaborations with artist-designer Gaetano Pesce, with the Italian international design brands as RIVA1920, SELETTI and MODO, the Chinese furniture brand ADWIN, and different design awards as the Fedrigoni Top Awards, the Torino Digital Festival, or the Red Dot Concept Design Award in Singapore, all representative of the the AMeBE’s interdisciplinary approach to design.

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The award winning design studio, operates on a wide range of projects, combining local resources as a response to international opportunities. The studio, based in Italy, continually breathes the country’s “diversity”, its stimulating complexity, the richness of its variety and inestimable creative potential, becoming carrier of that Italian style that makes the difference in terms of innovation, originality and quality.

Combining qualities such as familiarity with Italian style and design, curiosity, freedom and sensibility of thought and techniques, the studio is able to deliver custom-fit innovative solutions for any design need.Above solving existing problems through products, systems or experiences (physical or virtual), Studio AMeBE’s intent is to “birth” ideas capable of generating question while constantly seeking to create projects that gladden humans’ lives.

The name AMeBE, in addition to being the acronym of the founders initials (A+M & B+E) , the name is inspired by the ameba, the fascinating organism characterized by its continuous evolutions. The term Ameba, or rather Amoeba, is derived from Ancient Greek and means “change, transformation.


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“We can’t stop giving birth to projects capable of stimulating questions, thinking and provocation. Through our pojects we express the need and desire to stimulate the sphere of feelings and emotions, while bringing irony and a strong positive critical perspective on the edge of fun.”

Alessandra Mantovani was born in Brianza (Italy) in 1983 and Eleonora Barbareschi was born in Tradate (Italy) in 1984. In 2005 they both graduated from ISTITUTO EUROPEO DI DESIGN in Milano, Italy, obtaining a diploma in Industrial Design. After the work experience at WAJSKOL STUDIO Nyc and FROG DESIGN NYC, a Master’s Degree in Design and Technology at PARSONS SCHOOL OF DESIGN in New York City, Alessandra and Eleonora decided to move back to Italy, where after extensive studio and freelance work, in 2008 they consolidate their design collaboration that had started in college, under the name “AMeBE”.


“Alessandra is intrigued by intelligent provocations and subdued motivations. She is curious about every form of living, fascinated by everything that is complex and hard to read. She loves simple answers  to complex questions, the challenge of hidden and undeclared creativity, and every form of design that challenges”.


“Eleonora is fascinated by the intersection and relationship between the tangible and the virtual of contemporary living. By experimenting with new technologies, materials, forms and visual languages, she constantly researches new mediums of unconventional expressions, that find answer to her questioning of space and time”.

“AM” 50 % AMeBE

“BE” 50% AMeBE


Interventi presso la DOMUS ACADEMY  al “Master in Business Design”, Milano (Italia); auto-produzione di pezzi unici design “Ceppetto”; collaborazione con il designer/artista GAETANO PESCE (NYC); partecipazione al progetto editoriale di OTTAGONO “Le Ricette dei Designers”; auto-produzione del progetto 100% MADE IN ITALY “FINGER-DIP”, Milano (Italy); assistenza alla docenza del designer MARTI GUIXE al il corso di Food Design, SCUOLA POLITECNICA DI DESIGN di Milano (ITALY); per partecipazione al progetto di ricerca “Materiali Creativi” di MATERIAL CONNEXION, Milano (Italy);  IFDS Master Talk (Food Design) Webinair, New York (Usa); docenza “ITALIAN DESIGN” presso SHANGHAI NORMAL UNIVERSITY (Shanghai, CHINA);  Design Week Talk presso la scuola BECCARIA di Milano (Italy); 


Above solving existing problems through products, systems or experiences (physical or virtual), Studio AMeBE’s intent is to “birth” ideas capable of generating question while constantly seeking to create projects that gladden humans’ lives.


2019 (Exhibit) – “Superufficio” for Supercolla Project – Milan Design Week 2019, (Italy);
(Nomination) – “Extra Virgin” IN.DI CALLING | 01 –;
 (Exhibit) -“La Cupola” at ART LAGUNA PRIZE 2019 – Finalists Collective Exhibition – Venice, (Italy);
2018 (Museum) -“La Cupola” for ITALIANISSIMA at MUSA di Salo’ ITALY;
2018 (Group Show) – “L’Essere Calpestata” with Gaetano Pesce for Gobbetto – (Italy);

2018 (Site-Specific Installation & Prints) – SILVER SPIRIT Luxury Itinerant World Cruise;
2017 (Exhibit) – “Prossimo Futuro” Itinerant Exhibit, Cagliari, Roma, Napoli, Milano (Italy);
2017 (Site-Specific Installation) – SILVER MUSE Luxury Cruise ship (Itinerant World Cruise);
2016 (Exhibit) – “Zoccole” for PALAZZO DELLE STELLINE, Milano (Italy);
2016 (Exhibit) – “Cupola, e luce fu” 5Vie, Design Week, Milano (Italy);
2015 (Site-Specific Installation) – “Eat the Earth” for Riva1920 – Expo 2015, Como (Italy);
2014 (Group Show) – “Lietech”, Arnold and Sheila Aronson Galleries (NY);
2013 (Award) – RED DOT CONCEPT DESIGN AWARD, Singapore;
2013 (Award) – FEDRIGONI TOP AWARDS Selection, Parma (Italy);
2013 (Award) – 1st PRIZE – Create24 – DIGITAL FESTIVAL Torino, (Italy);
2012 (Award) – MOVIN’UP AWARD – GAI, Young Italian Artists, (Italy);
2011 (Exhibit) – VIGO MARITIME MUSEUM, Vigo (Spain);
2011 (Exhibit) – “Tallone d’Achille” MUSEO DI ARTE CONTEMPORANEA DI LISSONE (Italy);
2011 (Award) – 3rd PRIZE – Logo Design Appennino Lucano (Italy);
2010 (Gallery) – Group Show MISAEL GALLERY – Milan (Italy);
2010 (Museum) – “Finger-Dip” RED DOT DESIGN MUSEUM – Essen (Germany);
2010 (Award) – “Finger-Dip” RED DOT PRODUCT DESIGN AWARD, Germany;
2010 (Exhibit) – BIENNALE DI DESIGN INTERIEUR – Kortrijk (Belgio);
2010 (Group Show) – “Hoo” and “Stappin” TRIENNALE MUSEUM – Milan (Italy);
2010 (Award) – YOUNG TALENTS SELECTION – Bombay Sapphire, Hamburg, (Germany)
2009 (Museum) – “Tino” INSTITUTE OF CONTEMPORARY ARTS – London (UK);
2009 (Gallery) – “Finger-Dip” ARTETECO GALLERY – Benevento (Italy);
2009 (Nomination) – DESIGNBOOM Shortlisted, Peroni Blue Ribbon Intl;
2008 (Award) – 1st PRIZE – DeiSign – Torino World Design Capital (Italy);
2008 (Award) – “Bradipo” Alcantara Every Day Travel Contest, Milan (Italy);
2008 (Nomination) – Nomination Logo Design PAM Carmagnola, (Italy);
2008 (Nomination) – Designboom Shortlisted, Dyning in 2015;
2007 (Award) – “Meridian” SIGGRAPH Space Time Exhibition, San Diego (USA);
2007 (Group Show) – “Meridian” Chelsea Art Museum, New York (USA);

AMeBE’s worldwide clients, experiences and collaborations.


The biggest satisfaction for the AMeBE is to know that while interacting with their creations, individuals are stimulated to ask themselves new questions, moved in their deepest ability to wonder and think critically.


  • Alessandra and Eleonora are true professionals and it has been a pleasure to work with them. They are extremely creative and talented designers that have brought my project to life. I strongly recommend their services; with AMeBE you are truly in safe hands!

    OG Search Ltd, United Kingdom.
    OG Search Ltd, United Kingdom. Cristina O.
  • Studio AMeBE was able to realize the company's website while respecting deadlines and requests, demonstrating a great visual and tech capacity than professionality and passion.

    Villa Sommi Picenardi, Italy.
    Villa Sommi Picenardi, Italy. Andrea P.
  • Studio AMeBE was able to transform in a beautiful and comprihensive manner a very complex association of concepts. Great merit to their ability to listen, interpret and realize client's ideas. I hope to work with them again, they deserve great success.

    Studio Dentistico delli Ponti, Italy.
    Studio Dentistico delli Ponti, Italy. Guido P.
  • Testimonials and successors (unconscious?) of that apparent ironic and playful design, but that hides curiosity, intelligence and amongst all professionality. Design methodology and unsuspectable discipline, I would say almost obsessive. I'm sure that Castoglioni, Huber and Munari could have been their mentors.

    Studio Saladanna, Italy.
    Studio Saladanna, Italy. Giovanna S.
  • Creativity,  professionality, competence and a meticulous attention to our needs and flavored by a good dose of sympathy: this is the recipe with which the AMeBE conquered us  and that we think is the base of their deserved success!!!

    Mantomed srl, Italy.
    Mantomed srl, Italy. Antonella C.
  • Ele and Ale two specials. Serious and dynamic and... on time. But also brilliant and original. Believe me... they don't have similars!

    Caparzo, Italy.
    Caparzo, Italy. Elisabetta G.
  • Eleonora e Alessandra aka Studio AMeBE, are very creative and innovative designers. They are extremely professional and accurate through each and every step of a production process. AMeBE design skill is outstanding both in the interpretation and execution of food design products. Eleonora and Alessandra are also very friendly, working with them has always been a pleasure.

    Archichef, Holland.
    Archichef, Holland. Pasquale P.
  • With Studio AMeBE, I finally renewed my company's identity. the AMeBE were able to interpret and communicate with great aesthetic value my image. Also, great management in terms of deadlines. Thank you!

    RestarArt, Italy.
    RestarArt, Italy. Valentina B.
  • It was a great pleasure to meet the AMeBE in occasion of the Create24 2013, organized by us during the IV Digital Festival, where they were awarded first prize for the best project in the young category: great job.

    Digital Festival, Italy.
    Digital Festival, Italy. Sergio P.
  • Alessandra and Eleonora are two great professionals who immediately understood the essence of our desire and the result was PERFECT!!!

    Società Agricola Faverzani Valentina e M.
  • Working with studio AMeBE gave me the chance to discover the world of visual communication and design while showing great capacity and professionalism.

    Santandrea, Italy.
    Santandrea, Italy. Augusto G.
  • The AMeBE are a wonderful design duo. Professional and creative, I am very pleased to have worked with them in the realization of my brand. Wonderful insights on both a visual and strategic level.

    BeYoga, United Kingdom
    BeYoga, United Kingdom Beatrice B.

The term Ameba, or rather Amoeba, is derived from Ancient Greek
and means ”change, transformation”.  Amebas are unicellular organisms defined
by their variability in form. How wonderful to be an Ameba,
wouldn’t you want to be one?


Alessandra Mantovani
Eleonora Barbareschi
AM. +39 347 49 84 104
BE. +39 339 10 84 901 |
skype: studioamebe

Via Villa Mirabello 6, 20125 Milano

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